Welcome to MsJme.com!

This is my little corner of the internet where I share my craft projects, recipes, and household tips.   Is this your first time here? Maybe you are looking for my super-awesome-can’t-believe-how-easy-it-is-to-make Rumchata Cupcake recipe? (Which is my #1 most pinned recipe on Pinterest).  You should find that most of my recipes are simple and easy to follow.  Lately I have been working on making more healthier versions of snacks and desserts.  I’m experimenting and finding ways to cut calories and sugar without losing a recipe’s great taste and texture.   Did you buy some of my dog treats and want to start making your own?  Well, feel free to explore.  I add new posts from time to time.  My blog is always under construction because it’s always a work in progress.  My crafts fall into 3 basic categories: Easy, Peacock Feather and/or Doctor Who.  I also sell handmade items from time to time (check out my etsy store). Feel free to email me anytime with questions or suggestions!  msjme@msjme.com

Peacock Hair Clip