Doctor Who Themed Dipped Strawberries

I love Doctor Who. I love chocolate treats. This combo was bound to happen! A friend requested some dipped strawberries and I had some bowtie cupcake decorations leftover, so voila! These are ALMOST too cute to eat. My dipping chocolate is a mix of white, dark chocolate chips and chocolate bark.


TARDIS Keepsake Keeper-Bigger on the Inside

Bowties are cool. So are fake books made into T.A.R.D.I.S. replicas. I made this special keepsake box for a huge Doctor Who fan. ¬†This is a fun craft that even kids can make. Personalize it however you want. The following … keep reading

My First Tardis


Poison Ivy can be an ITCH

Last week I had one little bump on my leg that turned into several overnight. The cause: Poison Ivy.¬† I haven’t had a Poison Ivy rash in years, maybe even decades. Well, I shouldn’t say “decades,” because that ages me…but … keep reading