Nursery Organization

Check out my photos below for inspiration!

Close friends can vouch that I am a very organized person. I have a place for everything, and everything has a place. My husband is almost as organized. Almost. Having everything labeled makes it easy for him and I to survive these first few months with our sanity intact.

We were lucky to have family and friends give us clothes in all sizes. We washed them all up and separated them by size and put them in marked totes. My Dymo Label Printer ( best thing ever btw) was what I used for the labels on the dresser drawers and totes. I also use it for all my mailing and other odds/ends. Maybe for some this is a bit much, but if you are a Type A personality, this is probably right up your alley. It keeps all the drawers from becoming a mess and really makes it easy for laundry time.


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