Tested Lifehack-Remove Divot/Dents in Carpet

carpet with dent

I am a chronic furniture re-arranger. It is not as bad as it used to be though. For example, I have moved my office/craft room around only 3 times in the last year. I used to rearrange things about every month or so. My dog Charley gets nervous when she sees me moving things and knows to stay out of my way because something is always bound to crash. This last time I moved my super-heavy desks and had divots and dents all over in the carpet.  My first thought was, how can I make this into a blog post? Then I remembered a “Lifehacker” post I read awhile ago and decided to test it out.

ice on carpet

I put an ice cube on the dent in the carpet and let it melt.


It took several hours, but it worked. There was no more indentation in the carpet. I couldn’t tell anything was there. Don’t look too closely though, because I obviously have to vacuum. oops!

water on carpet

Curious to see if cold water would do the trick too (and in less time), I poured a little bit onto the dent and waited.


It worked also and took about half the time. This is a nice quick fix that I am sure to use in the furniture when I rearrange again.



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