Bunny Chow

This delicious mess is Bunny Chow . Inspired by a bake sale purchase from last weekend and I used what I already had on hand! One cup each of Cheerios, Rice Chex, and pretzels. In the microwave, I melted 4 squares of white almond bark. Stirred it all together in a … keep reading

Banana Sundae

We call this breakfast “Sunday Banana Sundae” Sprinkles make everything better (especially for toddlers!) #breakfas t#toddler #toddlersnackideas #toddlermom #toddlerlife #toddlersnack #sprinkles #momlife #toddlermeals

Toddler Art Box

My toddler loves art time. He’s not good at staying between the lines, but coloring keeps him busy and helps with hand/eye coordination. I’ve kept a box of “essential” items handy since he was about a year old and we call it the art box. Here is what is inside … keep reading

Cinnamon Trick

Anyone else make their own cinnamon sugar? What do you sprinkle it on? I love having it on hand for cinnamon rolls and French toast.

Breaded Chicken Legs

Try my breaded chicken leg recipe int he AirFryer! It’s pretty easy to make and tastes delicious. The recipe is versatile, you can use whatever seasoning you like. The key to moist and tender chicken is marinating it in buttermilk first!

Blueberry Bread

Who else loves blueberries? This recipe is easy. The hard part is not eating too much at one time. It is so delicious!

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

These cookies will not disappoint.  They are easy to make and full of flavor.  I have been making them for over 25 years! I’ve changed it up from the “original” recipe that I started with by reducing the sugar and adding my Secret-Not-So-Secret ingredient: Hershey Syrup.  (seriously though, it’s a … keep reading

Coconut Cream Pie

Who needs Village Inn when you can make your own coconut cream pie?  Seriously, this is almost a copy cat! I made it on a whim and was pleasantly surprised.  It’s also a go-to now for family events.  This recipe is tweaked a bit from the most commonly posted one.  … keep reading


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