Poinsettia Flower Hair Clip

Glitter is a big no-no in my crafts.  Yes, it’s soooo pretty, but it’s also soooo messy! It’s rare that I take on a project that is glitter, made of glitter or has glitter.  With that said, I made an … keep reading

Redneck Birdbath

I can’t tell you what inspired this craft/gift idea.  I’m not sure if I saw it on Pinterest, in a store or if it is an original design.  All I know is, it makes a cute and funny gift idea … keep reading

PB & Coconut Oil Treats

Just two ingredients are needed for this dog treat and you may already have them in your cupboard!  I have posted an article about how my dog Charley LOVES coconut oil and how it’s good for her tummy, hair and health. … keep reading

M&M Santa

Toy Trophy

Dino Toy Trophy Plaque This is a super easy craft and  a great gift idea. Materials needed: Plastic Toy, Wood Plaque, Paint, Scissors, E5000 or SuperGlue Paint the plaque and let it dry. After cutting off the top half of … keep reading

TMNT Themed Ornament

Painting Concrete


Bleach Design Shirt

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