PB & Coconut Oil Treats

Just two ingredients are needed for this dog treat and you may already have them in your cupboard!  I have posted an article about how my dog Charley LOVES coconut oil and how it’s good … keep reading

Over the Collar Dog Bandana

I am re-learning the basics of how to use a sewing machine.  This is my first sewing craft that I have made without much error.  It’s not as simple as making a pillow, but it … keep reading

Coconut Oil For Dogs

My dog loves coconut oil! The best part is, it’s good for her.  Earlier this year I started reading up on coconut oil and it’s benefits. I have used it in lotions, sugar scrubs and … keep reading

Sweet Potato Dog Chew

Cold Dog Treats aka Frosty Yummy for the Pup

Charley is a very spoiled pup.  She loves ice cream (non-chocolate of course) and she loves peanut butter.  Thanks to a pin I saw on Pinterest a while back, I got the inspiration to make … keep reading

Dog Grooming Station

A couple years ago I got tired of spending more money on my dog’s hair cut then on my own.  My dog Charley is a Shih Tzu and needs a haircut about every 3 months, so at … keep reading

Cheesy Dog Treats

Dog treats are very easy to make.  My dog Charley knows them as “Mommy Treats.”  Last week I came across a Pin on Pinterest for a Paula Deen Cheesy Dog Treat recipe and decided to … keep reading