Dog Leash Sign

Dog owners need a place to hang their leashes, right?  I hope this project inspires you! It’s pretty easy to do and the kiddos could help with painting and designing it.  Materials needed for this are: a drill, paint, varnish (optional, but not really), piece of wood (I found this … keep reading

Welcome Sign

Another “Pinterest” inspired gift that I made for a friend.  I found the wood plaque at Michael’s and used vinyl (Oracal 651).  It’s the perfect gift for a dog lover.   Application can be tricky – be very careful when applying the vinyl and don’t let the transfer tape stick to … keep reading

PB & Coconut Oil Treats

Just two ingredients are needed for this dog treat and you may already have them in your cupboard!  I have posted an article about how my dog Charley LOVES coconut oil and how it’s good for her tummy, hair and health.  Mix that with PB and the pup goes crazy. Melt … keep reading

Over the Collar Dog Bandana

I am re-learning the basics of how to use a sewing machine.  This is my first sewing craft that I have made without much error.  It’s not as simple as making a pillow, but it is close.  I learned how to sew again thanks to this blog called Tilly  and … keep reading

Coconut Oil For Dogs

My dog loves coconut oil! The best part is, it’s good for her.  Earlier this year I started reading up on coconut oil and it’s benefits. I have used it in lotions, sugar scrubs and baths.  Lately I have also been using it for cooking (blog posts will be updated … keep reading

Cold Dog Treats aka Frosty Yummy for the Pup

Charley is a very spoiled pup.  She loves ice cream (non-chocolate of course) and she loves peanut butter.  Thanks to a pin I saw on Pinterest a while back, I got the inspiration to make my own doggy ice cream for her. After some research, I narrowed it down to … keep reading

Dog Grooming Station

A couple years ago I got tired of spending more money on my dog’s hair cut then on my own.  My dog Charley is a Shih Tzu and needs a haircut about every 3 months, so at $40ish a groom, that really adds up! Of course, it is worth it to take … keep reading


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