I love shopping, and what is better than shopping? Saving money while shopping. Here are some links that I frequent for printable store coupons. There are also some deals or codes I receive that may be shared. This page is a plethora of money-saving knowledge. If you have a link, frugal tip or bargain that you think should be listed here let me know! Contact me by email at: 

Craft Stores

Michaels also has awesome weekly store coupons. Check for the current sales flyer and coupon HERE.

Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores also has printable store coupons.

Email Clubs for Freebies and Deals

ArbysSince signing up, I have received coupons for free shakes and sandwiches. Birthday (2018) coupon for a free shake. ***I have been on the email list for a few years now and I receive emails for special coupons every once in awhile. Mostly free shakes or dessert with a sandwich purchase.

CulversRight after confirming my email I received a printable coupon for “Buy 1 Get 1 Free Value Basket.” This is an awesome deal. On my birthday I received a free concrete mixer (2015).  I received a coupon for a free one-scoop sundae this year (2018).

Happy JoesFor my birthday month in 2018 I received a coupon for 20% off my order. 

IHOPLots of deal emails and coupons over the year. Usually for a free Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity Pancake meal. Birthday(2018) coupon for a free stack of pancakes.

Kum & GoThrough the Kum & Go rewards I get a free drink after purchasing so many and get “random” emails that tell me I have a free food or beverage.  For my birthday (2018) I received a free drink or food item.  

Olive GardenThis e-club has been useful, many times.  I get “random” coupons for soup-salad-breadstick discount and on my birthday (2018) I received a free dessert.

Orange LeafFor my birthday they added $3 to my Ounce Back Card (2017). 

SubwayI’ve been participating in the Subway Rewards for a year now.  On my birthday (2017) they added 20 points to my card. This is equal to a free drink, bag of chips or two cookies. 

Texas Roadhouse-Ever since I have signed up for this e-club I have received coupons for a free appetizer at various times during the year.  They also send out promo emails about their hours and holiday deals.  Each year for my birthday I seem to receive a free sidekick of ribs or appetizer (2014-2018).  

JME’s Favorite Apps

Cartwheel-I have saved over $150 in 1 year using this app.  It’s fairly easy to use.  All money saved is on items I was already getting.

JME’s Miscellaneous Saver Tips

Have you tried yet? I just found out about this site and did a few searches.  It seems to be my new go to for online coupons. is one of my favorite online coupon sites. Whenever you are shopping online or going out to eat, do a search on this site and see if there is a coupon available. I have saved hundreds of dollars and found a lot of free shipping codes by checking there first.

Check for local coupons/deals. You may also receive these coupons in the mail already.