Waffles are a guilty pleasure on the weekends sometimes.  Usually we just have “real” maple syrup, but this week we bought some raspberries and whipped topping . This combo gets an A+ and now I’m going to want this every … keep reading

Doctor Who Themed Dipped Strawberries

I love Doctor Who. I love chocolate treats. This combo was bound to happen! A friend requested some dipped strawberries and I had some bowtie cupcake decorations leftover, so voila! These are ALMOST too cute to eat. My dipping chocolate is a mix of white, dark chocolate chips and chocolate bark.


Cherry Pie

There are thousands of homemade cherry pie recipes online and in cook books.  Mine is lower sugar than most and pretty easy to make. I have a specific order of how I make it and if you stray from it, … keep reading

Quick and Low Calorie Cheesecake

Low calorie and cheesecake are hardly used in the same sentence.  This recipe will surprise you, I am sure, as it surprised me when I tried it out.  Simple cheesecake that is easy to make and full of taste.  Go … keep reading

Healthy Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Chia Pudding

As usual, my photos don’t do the food any justice. This has to be one of the oddest recipes I have come up with, texture-wise. It’s like a thick tapioca pudding.  If I did my math right, it is chocked … keep reading

MsJme Toast aka French Toast

We call this MsJme toast because there really isn’t too much French about it.  I grew up having homemade French Toast for breakfast on random weekends. As I got older, I changed the recipe up some and now have something … keep reading

Easy Zucchini Brownies

This is not a “healthy” recipe, but it does make the usual brownie mix recipe healthy.  They taste great and you can’t tell that there is zucchini in it.  I seriously tested it out on 2 people and then told … keep reading

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