Measuring Cup Storage

Who else loves #commandhooks ?I put two small hooks on the inside of my kitchen cabinet. These two small measuring cups are used constantly (1/8 and 1/4) and they’re also put in random places in the cupboard or somewhere hard to find. Crossing fingers  this idea brings me some peace  #kitchenhacks #ilovetobake #iowablogger … keep reading

Medicine Bottle Hack

I saw this idea on Pinterest and it did help. The main thing it was useful for was to make sure we did the appropriate number of doses a day and total for the time we had to. I tried it on a wine bottle and I only needed one x on … keep reading

Lotion Hack

😮Lotion can be expensive and it can be a pain to get the last few bits of it out. I switched to tubes from the pump bottles because of this! Cutting the top off has helped me not waste a precious drop ☺️. If you haven’t tried it yet, do! It’s … keep reading

Home Workout Area

All of my home workout gear is in one place now. I used to keep it in mini piles all over the basement – and it drove me crazy! The exercise posters were a gift from my hubby a couple years ago and they help me a lot. Mostly I … keep reading

My Favorite Houseplant Part 2

I’ve wrote about how I put cuttings of my favorite houseplant into vases with water (you can see that post HERE), but it’s also just as easy to plant them in pots too. All you need is soil (I never have good luck with Miracle Gro), some pots, clean scissors and a Mama Plant.

Luggage Ribbon

Traveling tip – that I have been meaning to post for awhile now and finally remembered. Tie a piece of ribbon to your luggage. It makes it a lot easier to find when it’s mixed in with other luggage, like on the airport baggage carousel. Don’t have ribbon?  Try washi … keep reading

Shoe Shelf to Pop Shelf

My kitchen is small and our pop buying is out of control sometimes (thanks to sales).  A couple weeks ago we switched out a shoe rack by our front door for a bench.  Today I found a new use for the shoe rack – and I love it.  Sometimes you … keep reading

Saving Marigold Seeds

I haven’t bought Marigold seeds in at least 5 years because they are the easiest flower to collect seeds from.  My main tips on collecting the seeds is: make sure they are dry (it hasn’t rained in a day or two) and store them in a paper bag.  Oh, and … keep reading


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