How to Clean Glass Jars

I have been saving (or hoarding) glass jars all year.  There are so many projects that you can do with a good sized spaghetti sauce or pickle jar.  Not sure how many times I have saved a jar from the recycling bin because I knew I could do something with it…

Anyway, this household tip is for jars that are not being used to hold food. I do not know if it is food safe after they are cleaned.

remove labels from jarsAdd 2 scoops of Oxy Clean or the equivalent to a sink full of hot tap water (I LOVE the Dollar Tree brand Awesome that is a Oxy Clean “knock off”).  Let the jars sit for 20 minutes. See if the labels peel off easy.  For stronger glues, it may need to soak for an hour.  I used my finger nail to scrap the glue right off.  Sounds harder than it is.

clean jars

Rinse the jars and let them dry. I am going to use this batch to hold my Detox Bath. After a little spray paint on the lids and adding a bow, it makes a fantastic gift! Another great thing about soaking them in the Oxy Clean is-it gets rid of the smell.  You can’t tell it was a pickle jar anymore!  I wash the jars again with Dawn dish soap if I’m putting edibles in them.



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