Dryer Ball

aluminum foil dryer ball


Recently I discovered an allergy to scented fabric softeners. It was terrible! I itched and itched and itched. So I switched to the non-scented, hypoallergenic types.  Typically I purchase whatever is on sale or I have a coupon for.  A friend commented on a Facebook post of mine about how bad fabric softeners are for the environment. I looked into it. Not only are they bad for the environment (some say “toxic”), they are also bad for clothes and towels.  It basically coats the laundry with a thin layer of “wax.”  This builds up and can make towels lose their fluff, and microfiber clothes become useless. I have always found it to be useless against static electricity too (especially in the winter!).

Curiosity always gets to me, so I stumbled on some random blogs and DIY sites that bragged about the power of the tinfoil ball and had to try it. FYI-it works! My laundry did not have any static electricity charge (shocking, err I mean not shocking) and it was just as fluffy as a normal laundry day.  Basically all you do is make a ball out of 2 feet of aluminum foil. Add it to the dryer and re-use it for months. This saves $$$ and is environmentally friendly. Double score!


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