Easter Basket

I went old school and made a string Easter basket. I remember doing this in elementary school. Of course, back then I didn’t get to use a hot glue gun to put embellishments on it.  Now all I need is some grass and candy to make it complete.
Unfortunately I didn’t have the materials readily available.  I purchased some crochet thread at the local  craft store  (about $2) and a gallon jug of liquid starch at Wal-Mart ($3), but really only about 2 cups worth is all that is needed.   
The first step is covering the work surface. This is a very messy project! I used a garbage bag. I did not want to find out how hard it is to remove starch from furniture and floors.
After prepping the area I poured some starch into a disposable cup then rubbed it all over the balloon. This makes the surface ready for the string and keeps it mostly in place. 
This is what my balloon looked like after about 5 minutes of wrapping the string around. 
Here I am done. This is what a roll of the string looks like.  As you can tell, I did not do any patterns, I just kept looping around and around. I did pay attention to the bottom though and made sure that it was covered well.  The cardboard middle of the string is used as the stand for the balloon.  I carefully applied more starch to the string, until it was dripping and left it alone to dry.  I hate waiting…
I used a toothpick to pop the balloon. The wait was well worth it, and the string egg is almost done.
For the hole I cut a template out of paper and cut with scissors around it.
I used a hot glue gun to put the sequin trim along the hole.  This was a bit dangerous, as I did get a couple burns from the glue…but it keeps the trim together. I posted the directions on how I made the fabric rose HERE

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