DIY Fire Pit

Fire Pit

We picked up sticks all Spring and Summer and put them in our fire pit.  Last night we had a fire and burned them all (along with making Smores at the same time-I like to multi-task when possible).  It’s not a fancy fire pit at all, fully functional and works fantastic.   It is built on a concrete slab that was originally home for a small shed, but was torn down at one point.  The fire pit consists of 20 concrete blocks that are set up in specific order to help with air flow.  I wanted to share ours (that my hubby built years ago), in case anyone was wanting ideas.  In our pics you see an extra block sitting on top.  This is just an extra that we had no place for, so it sits there.

fire pit side view

Here is a better side view.  Of course, make sure it follows any city &/or county ordinances and is not too close to trees or anything flammable.


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