Running Medals Holder

Here’s a gift idea if you have a friend or family member that is into running (or walking) races.

The materials: a nice size board, some hooks (both purchased at Menards), some paint, saw tooth picture hanging pieces and felt (optional), hot glue gun and E5000 glue.  You will need a drill.
Note:  Make sure the hook’s screw isn’t longer than the width of the board!  I did not, so I had to improvise and cover the screw ends on the back of the board with hot glue and felt.  It works good though, as it will help the board lay flat on the wall.

The how:
1. Paint the board with two coats of paint.  I used acrylic and then did 1 coat of varnish.
2. Drill holes for the hooks then screw them in.
3. Decorate the board with a saying or whatever.  I have seen some that have a spot for bib holders too.
4. Measure and attach the saw tooth hangers.  I suggest two, because it will help even out the weight of the medals that will be hung.  If possible, nail them in.  If not, use a good quality glue like E5000 or Gorilla.  Let it dry/cure for at least 24 hours before doing anything with it.
5. Glue a piece of felt on the back.  See the photo below for how this one looked.

Check out Pinterest for some inspiration on the decoration for the board.  The possibilities are infinite. 



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