My Favorite Houseplant Part 2

Philodendron “babies”

I’ve wrote about how I put cuttings of my favorite houseplant into vases with water (you can see that post HERE), but it’s also just as easy to plant them in pots too. All you need is soil (I never have good luck with Miracle Gro), some pots, clean scissors and a Mama Plant.

Fill pots with soil. My “secret” not so secret tip is to put rocks at the bottom of the pot before I fill them to give the pot some weight and extra drainage.

With CLEAN scissors, trim from your Mama Plant right above that brown piece shown in the picture above. Sometimes you will see a couple of these close together. I like to trim enough that I have 1-2 leaves at least per cutting.

Push the trimming into the soil, the brown piece first! Make sure that is covered. This is where the roots will start.

Keep the plants damp for the first 2 weeks. They do not like direct light, so don’t worry about giving them a window seat. A lot of these are around my office on people’s desks and on file cabinets. As the plant develops it’s roots, watering about once a week is plenty. These do make great housewarming gifts, but you have to be patient! It can take up to 2 months for the plant to start filling out on it’s own.


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