My First Time Mom Must Haves

I hate clutter. I’m almost a minimalist, except I do like stuff – it just has to have a purpose and reason. Here is a list of items I found the most helpful the first days and months with a newborn. Diapers, wipes, bottles, and other basics are not on the list because…of course those things are needed. I included links for most of these. I may or may not make a penny or two if you click and order.

  • Disposable Bed Pads
    I took home a few from the hospital. We use them on the changing pad to prevent messes. We also put them under bassinet and crib sheets to keep the mattress dry.
  • Petroleum Jelly TUBES
    These are a must have if you have a baby boy that gets circumsized.
  • Changing Table with pad
    We found the perfect changing table for us on Facebook Marketplace! Some changing tables “turn into” dressers for later years too.
  • Bassinet on wheels
    We spent the first 3 months wheeling the bassinet from our bedroom to the living room. Babies sleep a lot and the convenience for overnight feedings made it worth every penny.
  • Extra Sheets for the Changing table and bassinet
    Ours are the same size! It’s a great feature.
  • Nightlight above the changing table
    It’s not fun turning on the room light in the middle of the night. We use a tap light.
  • Butt Stick aka Diaper Cream Brush
    This thing looks funny, sounds funny, but it became such a must have that I bought 2
  • Diaper Cream – Resinol
    Some friends told us about this stuff. It can stain fabric, but it also can help heal diaper rash and other things a lot faster! Of course, as with anything, check with your pediatrician if you decide to try it
  • Bouncy Seat with vibrate mode
  • Baby Swing
  • Single Serve Formula
    We pack this in our diaper bag. Babies need to eat all the time and this made it easy. Yes, we could put formula in containers, but having it in a packet that was smaller and easier to store in the bag was worth it.
  • Long Sleeved Onesies
  • Thermometer
  • Pee Pee TeePee (for boys)
  • White Noise Machine
    Our bassinet came with a player, but I think we are going to upgrade to a new one that we can travel with too. We have used our phones at times.
  • Car Seat/Stroller aka Travel System
    It’s so handy to just pop the car seat into the stroller.
  • Car Seat Cover
    A light one for Summer and a sturdy warm one for Fall and Winter. Keep the sun out of babies eyes and the wind/cold out.
  • Yoga Blocks and Foam Roller
    Stretching helped so much! And I used the foam roller on my shoulder. New mom’s use muscles they haven’t really used much so it takes some getting used to and some recovery needed.
  • Hand Held Shower Head
    We had one to make dog baths easier, then I discovered it helped with post partum showers and baby baths. We put the baby bath tub in the “big” bath tub (with a bath mat under it to keep from sliding).

Here is a list of items that I found very helpful for pumping breast milk

  • Hakaa
    I use it when I breast feed to catch milk on the one side and use it to help clogged ducts
  • Organic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil
    I used this as nipple cream and to lubricate the pump flanges
  • Lanolin (nipple cream)
  • Battery operated breast pump
    insurance typically allows an electric one, but if you can upgrade to a chargeable battery operated one – do it! It’s wonderful not having to be plugged into a wall.
  • Hands Free Pumping Bra
    I had no clue how much I needed one til someone recommended it to me. I purchased one and converted a sports bra into another.
  • Patience (it takes a lot of time!)
  • Heating Pad
    heat encourages milk production and good to have on hand if you get a clogged duct
  • Epsom Salt
  • Rest
  • Body Armor Sports Drink
    The ladies in the Breast Feeding Group rave about this stuff. I like it because it tastes good, has vitamins and is hydrating.
  • A pumping schedule that you can stick to. Seriously. This was a game changer and my body thanked me for it, especially after returning to work.
  • A Shawl or Blanket. It can get chilly just sitting there pumping.

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