Shadow Lantern

Pirate Light

Sometimes I have really great ideas, and sometimes they turn out better than expected. One of my friends is a huge pirate fan (not baseball, but actual pirate themed items).  For our Handmade Christmas I put this together for her and I have to share this craft with you. It is versatile, as you can do whatever theme you want. Mine is a simple design, but takes some patience and painting skills.

Pirate Shadow Lantern Materials

 Materials needed: Four 5×7 frames, (I purchased mine from the Dollar Tree), four felt protector pads (find these in the hardware section at stores or make your own from felt), and paint (acrylic or glass).

Tools needed: hot glue gun, E-6000 glue (or any other glue similar to super glue), paint brush and patience.

pirate light images

I found 4 images online and printed them out to use as a template. If I was more ambitious I would have drawn my own original images. HERE is a PDF of my template.

pirate light

Remove the back from the frame and place the image under the glass. Use tape to secure it to the spot that you want.  The images I chose do not have to be “mirrored” before printing. If you chose different images, make sure the image will be facing the right way when it is done.  I found the easiest way to paint on the glass was to paint the outline first then fill it in. Once it dried I held it up to the light and found the spots that needed a second or third coat. (This is where patience is a key). For best results, wait 24 hours between paint coats. Use a hair dryer to speed things up if you need to. 

pirate lightCarefully glue the glass onto the frame.  I put a dab of glue on the corners and lightly pressed down.

pirate light

After figuring out what order you want to place the frames, put a dab of glue on one of the frames (I prefer corners only) and line up the adjacent one. E-6000 works fantastic. I did have to hold it in place for 3 minutes before working on the next side, but it holds great. Do not use too much glue, as it will leak out the edge and make clean up difficult.  Continue this for the 4 frames, making a rectangular box out of them.

Pirate Light

On the bottom of each corner glue the felt pad. This keeps the frame from sliding on the furniture.

pirate light

Add a candle and check out the shadow show on the wall. It is a very cute decoration with endless possibilities.

pirate light


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