Toddler Art Box

My toddler loves art time. He’s not good at staying between the lines, but coloring keeps him busy and helps with hand/eye coordination. I’ve kept a box of “essential” items handy since he was about a year old and we call it the art box. Here is what is inside the box…

Washable Crayons (traditional shape) and the egg shape, washable markers, painter’s tape (or masking tape) to keep the paper on the table, washable finger paint, cheap paint brushes, construction paper, white craft paper/card stock, glue stick and recently I added Mess Free markers and coloring book. All of this fits perfect in the 16qt tub. I also keep a washable art smock (not pictured) for paint time. Most of the items I found at Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree or Amazon. We keep the tote in the kitchen. I know we should keep it out of reach, but there isn’t a place to put it. Let’s just hope Henry doesn’t get into it unsupervised! I don’t want to test how washable everything is.


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