All About Ms. Jme

Hi, I’m Jme and I have created to become an outlet for my latest craft adventures (along with recipes and pet goodies).  I enjoy creating handmade items and sharing them with others.  My first memory of using a glue gun is from the summer I turned eleven and created a small wreath project for the county 4-H fair.  No ribbon was won, but it was the start of a fun past time for me.  Of course, as I got older my free time became filled with other activities, but I never lost my interest in crafting.  I also enjoy baking, and throughout the last 15 or more years I have had numerous compliments on my goodies.  This has prompted me to share my “secrets,” which won’t be so secret now. I have been asked a lot on how I always find the “good bargains.” Here is a page with links to coupons, email clubs, and $saving tips that I use. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or suggestions of items for me to post. You can also check out my Pinterest board, where I have been busy pinning projects that influence my creations. I wish I had more time to create them all!

My dog Charley usually keeps me company while I am working in my craft workshop(basically a room with all my stuff in it).  Her job is to be a taste-tester for all new dog treat recipes. I think she loves her job!

Please forgive me for not having the best quality photos on here.  It is not your computer screen, nor is it your glasses.  A lot of times I don’t plan out my blog posts so I use what I have on-hand, which is my low-tech camera phone. Maybe some day, when I have more time and a larger audience, I will become more high-tech.