Custom Mailbox



I designed and painted a mailbox for my mom because the stickers always fall off on her current mailbox.  It’s a fairly easy project and there are millions of different ways you can decorate a mailbox.  The key is to make the lettering and numbers legible.  My mom insists on having her last name and full address on the mailbox, as she lives in the country and there are hardly any street signs.  Here are my tips and how-to on custom painting your own mailbox.

mailbox supplies
Materials Needed: *Metal Mailbox *Paint (that can be used on metal) *Polyurethane *Dry Erase Marker
mailbox set up
Use the Dry Erase Marker to draw your lines on where you need to paint letters and numbers. I used an envelope to keep my line straight. The mailbox I used does have ridges, which are helpful.
You can use stencils or do it freehand (like me). Once done, wipe off all the dry erase marker! Then put a couple of coats of the clear varnish/Polyurethane on it.

Does my red bird look familiar to you? It matches the landscape block I painted for my mom last year (which is still in fantastic shape, by the way 😉 )  This is a great gift idea or DIY project for anyone.  Even kids can help design and decorate.







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