Dog Grooming Station

A couple years ago I got tired of spending more money on my dog’s hair cut then on my own.  My dog Charley is a Shih Tzu and needs a haircut about every 3 months, so at $40ish a groom, that really adds up! Of course, it is worth it to take them to a professional where they get pampered and all, but some of us are on a budget.  I have done my dog’s hair enough now that I think I do a pretty good job. She doesn’t have any bald spots anymore, so that’s good.

dog grooming area

Here is a photo of my grooming station. If you are interested in grooming your own dog, having an area secluded for the activity is a major plus.  Just recently we added the floor mats and those have helped with clean up. The table is my “old” kitchen table that is counter height and is perfect for grooming because I don’t have to bend down.  The carpet remnant on top is taped down and keeps the dog from sliding around.  I love the grooming arm. It is one of the best purchases from Amazon that I have bought. The dog’s head slides right in and keeps her standing and keeps her from putting her head in the way when I am clipping her.  Of course I keep some treats there and give out one or two during the grooming session.  After 2 grooms, the clippers have paid for themselves.  Trust me, you do not want to get cheap ones. A good set is $80+ and well worth it.  I have added a few more blades to my collection that I have learned to use at different times of year (4fc for winter and 7fc for summer).  This set up works great for me and for my little Shih Tzu.


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