Felt Bookmarks

These bookmarks are very cute and make fantastic gifts. I have been making them for about a year now, and no two bookmarks are alike. This craft was inspired by an item for sale on Etsy that was a pin on Pinterest.

To start off, find a pattern or shape that you like then cut out all felt pieces. You need a VERY sharp pair of scissors to work with felt. If you use a marker or pen to trace the pattern, make sure that the pen marked side of the felt is on the inside of your creation.  You don’t want to “show” your work.

For the birdie bookmark, you will need a pair of googly eyes, a big paperclip, 1 inch piece of ribbon (can be substituted for a piece of felt cut into the shape of the beak) and the body and wing felt pieces.

Arrange the birdie bodies like the above photo. Glue the paperclip and beak on one side of the body. When these are dry, glue both body pieces together.  If you are feeling very crafty, embroider around the wings in any pattern you want-BEFORE you glue the body together.

I always have to trim around the edges to make them even. It is very hard to make them perfectly line up with glue. This birdie bookmark was finished with a set of googly eyes.  Other variations have felt eyes, beads as eyes, and sometimes I embroider around the edge to give it a little bit more color.

You may find the patterns for the birdie and the owl HERE.  They are poorly drawn, but it is a good start. Have fun and be creative! There are so many ways to decorate these and make them your own.



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