Perma-Tie Shirt for Toddler/Infant

I don’t know how to sew, and this may also translate into “hating sewing” projects. I do know how to do some quick stitches by hand.  The stitches are not very pretty, but they usually get the job done. I am super envious of people with sewing machines (and the skills to use them). I just might have to add one to my craft room.

My latest craft project, combining a tie and shirt, exhausted my hand stitching skills. I saw some kid shirts at a local farmer’s market with a fabric applique tie sewed on and that inspired my version of it.  There was a bit more sewing than I had anticipated, but I love the results.

The materials I used were: an old 80s clip on child’s tie and an infant shirt.
I removed the seams on the tie and scissor trimmed the fabric edges.
I hot-glued the tie back together after doing some measuring, comparing, folding, and re-folding. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Keeping the edges straight and keeping the tie in a tie shape was a challenge…but I accepted it and won.
Here you can see the bottom part of the tie that I made smaller. The odd shape on the left will be the top knot.
I hand stitched around the open edges of the tie fabric.
Carefully I safety pinned the long tie part to the shirt and put small stitches on the inside to attach it to the shirt. I wanted the tie to be able to move and not just stitch the whole thing onto the shirt.
The final step was stitching the top knot onto the top. I think the final project is pretty cute. This would make a great project to pass on a keepsake tie.

The shirt has survived being washed and dried.  It is a gift for a friend who luckily knows how to sew a lot better than me and can fix up my stitches as needed.  However, I am not sure if she will be a fan of the 80s style tie.



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