Felt Pom Flower Barrett

This is the first felt flower I have ever made and it was soooo easy to make!  My inspiration was from this sew,craft,create post.  I made some adjustments and can’t wait to make some more.

The materials needed for this project were: felt pieces(green 4in long x 2ish inches, and purple 3x4in), hot glue gun, 1.5in hair barrette and glitter nail polish.
The green felt was cut into a leaf shape and in the middle I cut an X.
I followed the instructions on sew,craft,create and folded the purple felt in half long-wise. The next step was cutting strips (roughly 1/4in) along the folded edge then hot gluing the felt as I rolled it into a ball.  
 On the bottom of the felt flower I cut a slit to allow room for the barrette.
 The barrette was hot-glued in place and then the flower was fluffed. 
To add sparkle, I dabbed glittered nail polish onto the “flower petals.”  This ended up being a very cute addition.  This project took less then 10 minutes to make and is ready to wear.   

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