Funfetti Cupcakes

Box cake mixes are my go to for cakes and cupcakes. Yep, I said it. I do not go through the mess of measuring out cake flour, baking soda, sugar, etc etc. I open up a box and follow the directions. Then I experiment/improvise.  This provides both convenience and yummy goodies. The box has not failed me yet.  If anyone tells you that box cake mix is rubbish, you send them to me. I will put any of my cakes or cupcakes against anyone else’s in a taste test.

Okay, I shall step off my soap box (or should it be cake box?) and will get on with the point of the post which is…Sprinkles are awesome!

To make a plain white cake mix into a FUNfetti cupcake/cake:

Add sprinkles to the batter. About 2 tablespoons of sprinkles provide a good funfetti effect. Three tablespoons are better.

Follow the baking instructions like normal and they will turn out extra pretty.

Funfetti=Fun and who doesn’t love sprinkles?


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