Glue-Gun Carrying Case

I know that this is not something revolutionary for most, but this simple project is going to make life a bit easier for me…at least on Crafty Nights.  After a few hours of crafting with friends and needing to pack up my supplies, there is always that dreadful wait for the glue gun to cool down enough to be packed away. I thought of a simple solution, that took less than 30 minutes to make and costs about $1. A case for it made out of potholders.

This set of potholders is at the Dollar Tree for $1.
I sewed one of the edges together with some quick stitches.
On the inside part I hot-glued the edge together to reinforce it. Then I stitched together an adjoining edge and hot-glued that side too.
I hot-glued some velcro strips onto the inside. This will keep the glue gun in place. It would probably be better to sew them, but I am lazy…and sewing velcro on is harder than it looks.
My hot glue gun fits great into the case. Also, the tags on the potholder say it is heat resistant to 350 degrees. The manual for my glue gun says it reaches temps up to 380 degrees. This means I don’t have to wait a long time to pack it away after a fun night of crafting!

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