Cookie Cutter Cat Toy

Cat toys are fairly simple to make. If and when I get a chance, I will be making a bunch for the local animal shelter. It is sad how many kittens and cats are in the shelter, especially in the summer. Since I can’t have a cat of my own, thanks to allergies, I can at least visit them there and give them something to play with.  The materials used for this project were: felt, sharpie, cookie cutter, hot-glue gun, elastic string, bells, twine and yarn. I did also use glitter paint, a needle and thread, to make the toy glamorous, but that is totally optional.

I started with tracing a cookie cutter two times onto felt with a sharpie marker. This one has curved points so it is an okay shape to use. Always keep in mind that the more intricate the pattern/shape, the harder it will be to put together.
I tied two jingle bells together with elastic string. Then tied the string to a piece of yarn.
One the inside of one of the felt pieces I hot-glued a piece of twine and the yarn with bells.
Because I am lazy and I don’t really know how to sew…I hot-glued the other side of the felt piece on and left a small opening. I stuffed a small bit of stuffing into the toy then finished gluing it together.
After the pieces were all glued together I stitched a border around the edge to make it pretty. This might also help keep it together.
A friend was nice enough to let me use a pic of her cat playing with the toy. I think it is probably wishing there was some catnip in it.



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