Hard-boiled Eggs Baked in the Oven

I have been curious to try the infamous Alton Brown way of hard-boiling eggs in the oven for a few years. Now I wish I had done it sooner. It is easy and the eggs turn out amazingly creamy with less smell.

Currently it is the dead heat of summer, so I chose to do this recipe in a toaster oven. This worked very well.  I put a cookie sheet on the bottom just in case there was any leakage then laid the eggs on the rack.  The toaster oven tends to be hotter in the back, so I put them more towards the front.  The oven set for 325 degrees after the eggs were placed inside. No pre-heating required!

After 28 minutes I used a pair of tongs to remove the eggs from the oven and placed them in an ice bath.  They set in the ice bath for a few minutes and were removed when they were cool to touch.

The eggs are harder to peel, but they are also less stinky. I am surprised at how smooth and creamy they were. I am definitely making them this way again. These are the best hard-boiled eggs I have ever had.


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