Check your labels on EVERYTHING!

New year, new goals, and usually new habits waiting to form.  I’m trying to cut down on junk.  Key word: trying.  The main way to know what you are eating is by eating fresh veggies/fruits and by reading labels on processed and packaged foods.  We eat out a bit and I noticed that the “honey” at fast food places is not always just “honey.”  Beware of anything that says SAUCE after the item’s description.  Here you can see that the Pure Honey doesn’t have a list of ingredients, but the Honey Sauce does.  Note:  honey is sweet, but they add more sugar to it and high fructose corn syrup to boot? come on!

Okay, my little foodie rant is over.  Check your labels!  Be diligent.  And if you have any cure alls for my sweet tooth so it will make it easier to avoid high fructose corn syrup, please share!


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