Personalize Frame

Pet Frame

I take a lot of photos of my dog Charley. She is cute and sometimes she is photogenic (most of the time she looks away from the camera).  Here is an easy do-it-yourself craft to personalize a frame with ribbon. This frame will be donated to a fundraiser’s basket silent auction, but I have made a few others for gifts too. Kids will enjoy making this craft too and picking out which photos to put in the frame. You can find great frames at the Dollar Tree.

glueThis is the glue I used.  You can use Elmer’s, but it will not last as long.  Another option is hot glue, but that will not leave the ribbon laying flat onto the frame.

burn ribbon

Most ribbon needs to be sealed. The above photo shows how I use a lighter to lightly burn the edge to stop the ribbon from fraying.  This requires adult supervision!


Paint the glue onto the back of the ribbon.  This helps it lay flat onto the frame.  Use an old brush or a really cheap one because it is hard to clean the glue out when you are done.

picture framePlace the ribbon on the frame and let it dry for up to 24 hours (or as directed by the glue bottle’s directions).

frame back

I did have some ribbon go onto the back.  This is why I used the heavy duty glue.  You may want to use a dab of hot glue here if you used Elmer’s for the front of the frame.

personalize ribbon frame

This is a simple craft, but is also a fantastic gift idea too.  You can personalize it more with embellishments.


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