Summer Daisy Wreath ala Dollar Tree and old Fabric

I am trying to make a conscious effort to make projects out of items I already have in my craft cupboard.  Due to a lack of a summer themed wreath and plenty of materials on-hand, I created this goody.  I call it my Summer Daisy Wreath ala Dollar Tree because the wreath and flowers came from there. It was partly inspired by Dollar Store Crafts.

First I started by cutting some bright green fabric (t-shirt material) into long strips and wrapping it around the wreath. I secured the ends with hot-glue.

Apparently tulle is not hot-glue friendly. This lesson was learned by me today as I tried attaching the wrapped tulle onto the wreath. Hot-glue does work, but it is hard to make it stay so I compromised and tied off small strips of tulle in spots that were needed. These strips were tied along the wreath at other sections and then the flowers were hot-glued on top.

Overall, I think this is a very pretty wreath made in less than 15 minutes and cost less than $4 to make.



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