Pine Cones for Crafts

I have been collecting pine cones of all shapes and sizes to be used for future projects.  Most have been found along the sidewalk during daily dog walks. A few are from my mom’s yard. All of them are pretty … keep reading

Poinsettia Flower Hair Clip

Glitter is a big no-no in my crafts.  Yes, it’s soooo pretty, but it’s also soooo messy! It’s rare that I take on a project that is glitter, made of glitter or has glitter.  With that said, I made an … keep reading

Harry Potter Candle

I love it when an idea in my head turns out better than what I plan! Here’s another Cricut craft that I have made.  The Hogwarts Castle and Flying Harry Potter are both svg files I found online somewhere. Since … keep reading

ThyCa Tea Towel

This is my first HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) craft I designed and made with my Cricut. I gave it to my fellow ThyCa survivor friend. I’m not very familiar with tea towels and there aren’t many how-tos online for how to … keep reading

Tile Coasters

These coasters can be a great gift idea, kid craft, or just new decoration for your home. My idea for this craft came from a few pins I saw on Pinterest. It is fairly easy to do and there the decoration … keep reading

Wedding Momento

  There are a lot of crafts that involve maps on Pinterest.  I came up with this cute ornament momento in a haste of needing to give something cute and creative to a friend of mine for her wedding.  Yes, … keep reading

Here’s Your Sign

As you may have noticed, I do crafts with Peacock feathers.  These feathers are from a pair of male Peacocks that my mom has on her farm.  The crazy birds do not stay in the yard, they like to roam … keep reading

Pine Cone Wreaths