Harry Potter Candle

I love it when an idea in my head turns out better than what I plan! Here’s another Cricut craft that I have made.  The Hogwarts Castle and Flying Harry Potter are both svg files I found online somewhere. Since … keep reading

ThyCa Tea Towel

This is my first HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) craft I designed and made with my Cricut. I gave it to my fellow ThyCa survivor friend. I’m not very familiar with tea towels and there aren’t many how-tos online for how to … keep reading

Grumpy Cat Magnet

Personalized Bags

I’m a Cricut-holic.  This seems to pair well with my love for Dollar Tree.  I saw these bags the other day at the store and had an instant plan. Christmas is coming up and personalizing them made a great gift … keep reading

Craft Storage Tip

My husband gets all the credit for this craft storage idea. I used to use old yogurt cups, Tupperware, sour cream containers, anything I could find with a lid to put all my little “pretties” in.  My husband is a … keep reading

“Magic” Wand

I made a freebie chop stick into an adorable “magic” wand. It was easy. Not messy. And I literally had all the materials needed on hand already. Materials used:  chop stick, glue gun, old beads and spray paint. How to: … keep reading

Popcorn Basket

Milk Bath


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