Smell-eliminator Spray

I have been using this spray for about a month now and feel confident that it is something everyone could use in a smelly situation.  My inspiration was seeing a commercial or ad for “PooPourri.”  I came across THIS site called Growing a Green Family and experimented with my oil and … keep reading

Jme’s Sinus Relief Shower Cubes

I used to get a lot of Sinus headaches and infections. This is not a magical cure-all for it. However, Eucalyptus proves to be a fantastic home remedy to relieve the aches and congestion for me and for many others. Bath and Body Works has a line of fragrances called “Stress … keep reading

Poison Ivy can be an ITCH

Last week I had one little bump on my leg that turned into several overnight. The cause: Poison Ivy.  I haven’t had a Poison Ivy rash in years, maybe even decades. Well, I shouldn’t say “decades,” because that ages me…but still, acquiring the annoying itch was aggravating, especially when I … keep reading

Frugal Podge

I love finding ways to save money, especially when it is something that uses ingredients I already have on hand.  There are a lot of craft blog posts about DIY Mod Podge-Decoupage, and in an hour of need I tried it.  Only 2 ingredients used: equal parts of Elmer’s glue … keep reading

A place to put my hair-clips and dangle earrings

My favorite craft lately is making hair-clips. The big problem I run into is finding places to put them so they don’t get crushed or damaged. I was inspired by this post I saw on Pinterest.  Is it sad that I had a plain cork board, beautiful fabric and various ribbon just sitting … keep reading


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