Microwave Sweet Corn on the Cob

sweet corn

I was skeptical about this “recipe.”  Microwaving corn on the cob, really?  I grew up in the Midwest and in my house we always brought a huge pot of water to a boil then waited (what seemed like forever) for the sweet corn to cook.  We knew it was done by the way the yellow in the kernels would change tones.  The temperature in the kitchen always got warmer by at least 10 degrees and it was steamy in there.  All the work would be worth it though when we took a bite of the delicious corn on the cob (smothered in butter of course).

Before I ramble on about the microwave “recipe,” I need to tell you how to pick the right ears of corn.  You have to inspect it, like you would any other veggie or fruit at the store. Make sure there is no mold present and no bugs.  Evidence of both are usually more present on the ends.  Check the kernels and make sure they look plump and round.  Now, once the ear passes those tests, gently poke a kernel and see if it “bleeds” a cloudy juice. In my experience, the cloudy ones have more taste and sweetness.

corn on the cob

Peel the husk and all the silk and junk from the ears.  Wash them in cold water and place a DAMP paper towel around each ear.  DAMP, not soaking wet or dry…DAMP.  Microwave cooking times may vary.  If you google “how to cook corn on the cob in the microwave” you will find dozens, if not hundreds of different ways to do it.  For four ears at a time we cooked it for 7 minutes then let it rest for 7 and it turned out perfect.  You will not believe how easy it is and will probably convert to this new way, just like me!


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