Cream Cheese Stuffed Celery (or Dip)

My family always has stuffed celery at holiday meals (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas).  It is very simple to make and sometimes I like to make the stuff to use as a dip. Unfortunately the only healthy part of this recipe is the celery.

1 8oz package of Cream Cheese-at room temperature!
1/2 jar of Green Olives with Pimentos (aka Manzilla)
1 tbs of Green Olive Juice
1 tbs Mayo*
1 1/2 tbs Miracle Whip (Salad Dressing)* ***I have been making it without the Mayo and Miracle Whip and it still turns out yummy and with less calories 😉


I like to cut the olives into quarters. My mom chops them into tiny pieces.

Cut the cream cheese block into pieces. Add all the ingredients together and mix with a spoon until it is creamy with some small cream cheese “lumps.”

It will look similar to the pic above.  Stuff celery with it or use it as a veggie dip.  I have no clue how many servings this recipe makes, all I know is that it never lasts long when me or my family are around!


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