Gender Reveal Ideas

Everyone expects me to be super crafty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The truth is, I’m pretty lazy and only crafty about 1% of that time. Or at least that is how I feel.

When I found out I was pregnant I became overwhelmed with wanting to make my announcement and gender reveal the best ever and super spectacular. So much so that I just didn’t do much… It’s similar to what happens when you have a huge to-do list, but decide to take a nap instead. NEVER REGRET TAKING THE NAP! 😉

I did do a few things for the gender reveal for close friends and family.

Gender Reveal via Snail Mail:
I put together this quick package for close family and friends that live “far away.” Materials needed: envelope, padded envelope, Hershey bars, M&Ms (luckily Easter M&Ms were in the store so I just sorted through those). Last minute update was getting a Hershey Bar with almonds ;). If you color on the Hershey package, just know that the marker tends to rub off very easy! I had blue fingers and hands for a bit. Putting a piece of tape over the top keeps it from rubbing off.

Small Office/Family Gathering Reveal Idea:
For my office co-workers, I organized a quick meeting where I brought a cake I baked to become the surprise reveal tool. Gel Food Coloring is amazing stuff! Basically I just used that with vanilla cake mix and frosted with white frosting. I decorated the top with a ton of M&Ms. I also painted some clothes pins pink and blue. For the office invite I asked everyone to wear pink or blue and if they didn’t, I had them wear one of the pins to show which guess they had.


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