Skull Halloween Leaf Bag

The Skull Halloween Leaf bag was a total experiment that exceeded my expectations. I was curious to see how spray painting on garbage bags with a make-shift stencil would work so I tried it. Here is a PDF of a Skull and Crossbones Pattern. It is pretty easy to draw your own too!  Don’t forget to try out the Black Cat Leaf Bag project too.

I filled a white garbage bag (kitchen size was the only one I had on-hand) with leaves. After cutting up the stencil, I scotch-taped it to the bag in the position that I needed it.
I lightly sprayed the area with black spray paint, waited about 3 minutes then did another round. There were some spots that had too much and dripped, but I don’t think they look bad.
I prefer setting the bags up with the open end on the bottom. It gives the yard decoration a bit more of a cleaner look.

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