Simply The Best

Our daycare teachers are a fantastic bunch and to show our appreciation and celebrate Easter, I made this “Simple” gift. On the back of the tag I wrote “Thank you for all you do.” Usually I give chocolate or sweets or both, but I thought this would be a nice … keep reading

Christmas Snowball Teacher Gift

We didn’t have real snow on the ground, which is odd for Iowa, so I thought of giving these Hostess Snowballs to Henry’s daycare teachers. It’s was a fun project and kids could easily do it. All you need are the Snowballs, some colored paper, white paper, scissors and glue. … keep reading

Medicine Bottle Hack

I saw this idea on Pinterest and it did help. The main thing it was useful for was to make sure we did the appropriate number of doses a day and total for the time we had to. I tried it on a wine bottle and I only needed one x on … keep reading

Baby Highchair Hack

I put a Command Hook on the back of the high chair for bibs. I’m not for sure where I saw this #babyhack the first time, but I owe the original creator a bottle of wine or something. This is so simple, but saves time and aggravation.

My First Time Mom Must Haves

I hate clutter. I’m almost a minimalist, except I do like stuff – it just has to have a purpose and reason. Here is a list of items I found the most helpful the first days and months with a newborn. Diapers, wipes, bottles, and other basics are not on … keep reading

What I packed for my hospital stay

I read approximately 2000 blog articles about what to pack for my hospital stay at the birth center. Most of the articles say the same thing: pack clothes, chapstick, lotion, and yada yada *insert expensive gadget and what not here. I packed and unpacked a couple times, narrowing down what … keep reading

Baby Bottles are taking over our kitchen!

Baby bottles take up a lot of space! When you have a small kitchen (with very limited countertop space) you learn to make do. Family gave us a lot of bottles and supplies, which was a huge blessing. Here is how we organized them and made it work with the space we have.


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