Redneck Birdbath

I can’t tell you what inspired this craft/gift idea.  I’m not sure if I saw it on Pinterest, in a store or if it is an original design.  All I know is, it makes a cute and funny gift idea or yard decoration.  It’s very easy to make, so it … keep reading

Personalized Bags

I’m a Cricut-holic.  This seems to pair well with my love for Dollar Tree.  I saw these bags the other day at the store and had an instant plan. Christmas is coming up and personalizing them made a great gift idea for a couple of my little bffs.  They are … keep reading

Toy Trophy

Dino Toy Trophy Plaque This is a super easy craft and  a great gift idea. Materials needed: Plastic Toy, Wood Plaque, Paint, Scissors, E5000 or SuperGlue Paint the plaque and let it dry. After cutting off the top half of the plastic toy, glue the head firmly onto the plaque. … keep reading

Snowman Tealight Ornament

This is my take on the Tealight Snowman Ornament that I have seen posted all over Pinterest and Facebook.  It’s an easy craft and doesn’t require too many materials.        

How to Clean Glass Jars

I have been saving (or hoarding) glass jars all year.  There are so many projects that you can do with a good sized spaghetti sauce or pickle jar.  Not sure how many times I have saved a jar from the recycling bin because I knew I could do something with … keep reading


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