Personalize Frame

I take a lot of photos of my dog Charley. She is cute and sometimes she is photogenic (most of the time she looks away from the camera).  Here is an easy do-it-yourself craft to personalize a frame with ribbon. This frame will be donated to a fundraiser’s basket silent … keep reading

Dog Treat Jar

This cute treat jar is super easy to make and cheap too! I purchased the container at the Dollar Tree.  Painted the paw print and letters with acrylic paint. Let them dry for 24 hours then put 2 coats of Mod Podge on top.  I am donating this one for … keep reading

Goal Reminder for the Fridge

This chain is doing more than cluttering up my fridge. It is also my weight loss goal reminder. Every link=1 pound to lose (my goal is 25).  I love the jar idea that I have seen on Pinterest, but I just didn’t have a spot to put the jars and … keep reading

A New Use for an Old Wagon

Last year we acquired this cute “Big Red Wagon.”  The bottom is rusty and I am actually surprised the wheels haven’t fallen off yet. Anyway, we have been using it to hold our sidewalk salt bag and some garden items.  Today I stopped by the Dollar Tree real quick (seriously, … keep reading

Cupcake Stand

Who doesn’t need a cupcake stand? I saw this craft numerous times and had to make a few. It is very cheap to make, very versatile, and you can customize it however you want. I have left mine plain, but some people painted them after they were made.  Besides cupcakes, … keep reading

Shadow Lantern

Sometimes I have really great ideas, and sometimes they turn out better than expected. One of my friends is a huge pirate fan (not baseball, but actual pirate themed items).  For our Handmade Christmas I put this together for her and I have to share this craft with you. It … keep reading


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