Fun Wrist Wrap (Bracelet) for Boys or Girls

This project was inspired by a post on I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar.  These wrist wraps aka bracelets aka superhero bling are fun to make, but I had to purchase a specific ribbon (Twill Tape purchased at Hobby Lobby) to create them.  There is 9 feet to the Twill Tape … keep reading

Drawing Game

Okay, this isn’t a “kid craft,” but it is a great activity to keep them busy and have fun.  I am an after-school nanny for a couple of boys and developed this fun game where there is no winners and no losers (if you can make them believe that).  Basically, … keep reading

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are always a cute craft to make in the Spring, especially with the help from kids.  Thanks to my smoothie recipe, I was able to save a couple cartons in no time for this project.  The idea came from this post on which I found on Pinterest. The materials used for … keep reading

Valentine Paper Heart Wreath/Garland

I had some help with this project from one of my favorite kids. Here is the link to the post that inspired this craft. It is nice to get the Christmas decorations down and have something to hang up instead. Plus, this is an easy and fun craft to do with … keep reading

Easter Basket

I went old school and made a string Easter basket. I remember doing this in elementary school. Of course, back then I didn’t get to use a hot glue gun to put embellishments on it.  Now all I need is some grass and candy to make it complete. Unfortunately I … keep reading

Melted Bead Bowl and Ornaments

Thanks to Pinterest, I had to try this project. The perler beads (I call them melty beads) are usually just used with templates and melted with an iron. Melting them in the oven was so much more fun and has endless possibilities that I want to try next. The materials used … keep reading


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