Double Feather Hair Clip

This hair clip is very simple to make.  Materials needed are: feathers, an embellishment, hair clip, ribbon and hot glue. Line the hair clip with the ribbon.  Don’t forget to seal the ribbon ends! Glue the feathers to the back of the embellishment. If the embellishment is too small, use … keep reading

Rock Souvenir

Last May I went on a fantastic 2 week vacation to San Diego.  While there, I visited the beaches and Cabrillo National Monument.  I collected rocks as keepsakes, which really loaded my carry-on luggage down-but it was totally worth it. This weekend I was going through my keepsakes and thought … keep reading

Easter Basket

I went old school and made a string Easter basket. I remember doing this in elementary school. Of course, back then I didn’t get to use a hot glue gun to put embellishments on it.  Now all I need is some grass and candy to make it complete. Unfortunately I … keep reading

Fabric Rose

This fabric rose was the perfect addition to my Easter Basket.  I made a couple before, and they can be used for hair clips, shirt embellishments, or even wreath decorations.  The materials needed for this project are: felt cut into a circle the size and color of the rose,  a … keep reading

Diva Dog TuTu

I wanted to make something cute and unique for my dog Charley to wear in the local St. Patrick’s Day parade. My original plan was to puffy paint “I got Shit Zu faced on St.Pat’s Day,” but the skirt is a lot cuter and brings out the diva in her. … keep reading

Melted Bead Bowl and Ornaments

Thanks to Pinterest, I had to try this project. The perler beads (I call them melty beads) are usually just used with templates and melted with an iron. Melting them in the oven was so much more fun and has endless possibilities that I want to try next. The materials used … keep reading

Felt Pom Flower Barrett

This is the first felt flower I have ever made and it was soooo easy to make!  My inspiration was from this sew,craft,create post.  I made some adjustments and can’t wait to make some more. The materials needed for this project were: felt pieces(green 4in long x 2ish inches, and purple … keep reading

Lover Clothespin

This was a cute project to do. The clothespin will still be used to keep chip bags closed, but now it is more sassy looking. I got the idea from this site. My best advice is to take the clothespin apart. It is very easy to put back together too, so … keep reading


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