Peacock Feather Hair Clips

I like to think of this craft as the one that got started, and the reason I chose a Peacock feather as an icon for some things.  It is fairly simple to do. Materials needed are: lined hair clip, Peacock feather, felt, embellishment(like a button for example), and some … keep reading

Wash Soak Relax Sign

It took me 6 months, but I finally made a cutesy decor sign for my bathroom.  Of course I have had all the materials already in my craft stash.  The frame is from Dollar Tree.  I took out the pre-printed “ugly” sign in it.  The teal background is actually a … keep reading

Always A Work In Progress

Welcome to! Dear Friend,  Thank YOU so much for stopping by and checking out my various crafts, recipes and odds/ends.  I love using mixed media and you will see quite a few Peacock Feather crafts.  These feathers come from my mom’s peacocks that she raised. Every Fall she collected the … keep reading

Here’s Your Sign

As you may have noticed, I do crafts with Peacock feathers.  These feathers are from a pair of male Peacocks that my mom has on her farm.  The crazy birds do not stay in the yard, they like to roam across the road from time to time.  As a joke, … keep reading


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