PB & Coconut Oil Treats

Just two ingredients are needed for this dog treat and you may already have them in your cupboard!  I have posted an article about how my dog Charley LOVES coconut oil and how it’s good for her tummy, hair and health.  Mix that with PB and the pup goes crazy. Melt … keep reading

Toy Trophy

Dino Toy Trophy Plaque This is a super easy craft and  a great gift idea. Materials needed: Plastic Toy, Wood Plaque, Paint, Scissors, E5000 or SuperGlue Paint the plaque and let it dry. After cutting off the top half of the plastic toy, glue the head firmly onto the plaque. … keep reading

Mouse Felt Ornament

  Cookie cutters make this craft 100% easier.  It is a lot easier to follow a pattern than to freehand a shape. This can be a fun kid craft as well (use Elmer’s Glue instead of hot glue gun). The basic materials needed are: felt, sharp scissors (FYI-the felt dulls … keep reading


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