Craft Storage Tip

My husband gets all the credit for this craft storage idea. I used to use old yogurt cups, Tupperware, sour cream containers, anything I could find with a lid to put all my little “pretties” in.  My husband is a problem solver and a few years ago he put a … keep reading


My mom gave me this plant a couple years ago.  You usually see them in the store around St. Patty’s Day.  It’s an Oxalis Triangularis, but I call it my Shamrock plant.  I had it inside, as a houseplant for a few months and it got sickly looking.  Then it … keep reading

Laundry Time

I used to take boxing and kickboxing classes at my local Title Boxing Club (fantastic workout!).  My hand wraps and clothes would be soaking with sweat and stink.  Yep.  I’m admitting it.  I sweat AND I smell bad when I do.  Anyway, I would do laundry and still notice some … keep reading

Fabric Softener Sachet

If you are on Pinterest half as much as me, then I’m sure you have seen the pin about adding the fabric softener pellets to candle wax warmers(aka Scentsy).  My mom tried it and it did work great to make the room smell like fresh laundry…but it also ruined the … keep reading

How to Clean Glass Jars

I have been saving (or hoarding) glass jars all year.  There are so many projects that you can do with a good sized spaghetti sauce or pickle jar.  Not sure how many times I have saved a jar from the recycling bin because I knew I could do something with … keep reading

Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls are the best thing for laundry, since the tin foil ball. They help the laundry dry faster, makes it softer and is better for the environment and your family.  I have been using them for a month now.  My clothes do get static-y if I dry them … keep reading


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