MsJme Toast aka French Toast

We call this MsJme toast because there really isn’t too much French about it.  I grew up having homemade French Toast for breakfast on random weekends. As I got older, I changed the recipe up some and now have something that is easy, tasty, and did I mention easy to … keep reading

Easy Zucchini Brownies

This is not a “healthy” recipe, but it does make the usual brownie mix recipe healthy.  They taste great and you can’t tell that there is zucchini in it.  I seriously tested it out on 2 people and then told them the “secret” ingredient. They couldn’t believe it. Ingredients: 1 … keep reading

Fresh Peach Cobbler

This recipe will be your go to recipe every summer when peaches are in season and you want a tasty dessert.  It is also very easy to make.  You can’t go wrong! Ingredients for the Filling: 4-5 medium sized Fresh Peaches. Peeled and sliced.  (I think it is called into … keep reading

Dark Chocolate & Walnut Treat

I have a terrible habit of eating chocolate chips when I need my chocolate fix.  It’s sad because I have to have one bag for baking and one for my stash. To make things a little bit healthier, I came up with this quick treat that is salty and sweet. … keep reading

How to make Jiffy Mix Blueberry Muffins Better

Who hasn’t made a box of Jiffy Blueberry Muffin mix? It is a classic that actually should be in every home because it’s easy and tastes pretty good. Now, if you know me, I can’t leave things alone I always have to improvise.  Here is how I have “improved” the … keep reading

Cake Waffles

Is it a “Cake Waffle” or a “Waffle Cake?”  Naming this dessert is the hardest part.  I love my waffle maker (see amazon link below for it).  I also love experimenting with desserts.  There are dozens of pins on Pinterest for this so I had to try it.  This will … keep reading

Butter Cream Frosting

Homemade frosting is the best. Yes, there are canned frostings that are pretty spectacular too…but nothing beats my recipe.  By the way, there is a difference between “frosting” and “icing”  and yes, I had to “google” it to find that out.  I am slowly learning the correct terms to use with baking … keep reading

Easy Scotcharoos

My Scotcharoos or Scotcheroos or however you spell them, are fantastically easy to make and satisfies pb and chocolate cravings. Ingredients: 1 stick of Butter 1 bag of Large Marshmallows 5 cups of Crisp Rice (Rice Krispies) 1 tsp Vanilla Extract 1 heaping spoon (1/4 cup) Creamy Peanut Butter 1 … keep reading


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