Decorating Plain Coffee Cups with Markers

I came across THIS LINK a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to try it.  To be honest, I was really mad that I didn’t think of it sooner. Personalized coffee cups aka mugs are a fantastic gift idea and an easy craft for kids to do too. I can’t … keep reading

A Piece of the Ocean Wreath

My first official Ms.Jme craft with shells turned out beautiful. I wrapped a sheer ribbon around the grapevine wreath and hot-glued shells and artificial flowers to it.  I love the ocean theme. This was made as a gift for family.  It looks fantastic in her bathroom!  

Pearls and Peacock Feather Wreath with Green Ribbon

This wreath will be donated to my local animal shelter for an event raffle. This is the first time I used the fake pearl string on a wreath, and I love it. Hope this inspires many more creations.

Foam Koozie, Coozie, Cozy, Bottle Hugger, Whatever you call it

I think everyone has a different name for these things, but I call them koozies. My friend Brenda gave me the idea to create this project.  It is summertime and keeping our drinks cool is important. I gave my mom the first one I made and it has survived a … keep reading

Scrabble Board Treasure Box

I love Scrabble, but no one ever wants to play =(  I also love doing crafts with Scrabble Tiles (pics coming soon!).  Even though I didn’t have a complete tile set, I still kept the game board and the racks just in case I could ever find a use for … keep reading

Fun Wrist Wrap (Bracelet) for Boys or Girls

This project was inspired by a post on I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar.  These wrist wraps aka bracelets aka superhero bling are fun to make, but I had to purchase a specific ribbon (Twill Tape purchased at Hobby Lobby) to create them.  There is 9 feet to the Twill Tape … keep reading

Lover Clothespin

This was a cute project to do. The clothespin will still be used to keep chip bags closed, but now it is more sassy looking. I got the idea from this site. My best advice is to take the clothespin apart. It is very easy to put back together too, so … keep reading

A place to put my hair-clips and dangle earrings

My favorite craft lately is making hair-clips. The big problem I run into is finding places to put them so they don’t get crushed or damaged. I was inspired by this post I saw on Pinterest.  Is it sad that I had a plain cork board, beautiful fabric and various ribbon just sitting … keep reading

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