Pine Cone Wreaths

Skull Halloween Leaf Bag

The Skull Halloween Leaf bag was a total experiment that exceeded my expectations. I was curious to see how spray painting on garbage bags with a make-shift stencil would work so I tried it. Here is a PDF of a Skull and Crossbones Pattern. It is pretty easy to draw … keep reading

Black Cat Halloween Leaf Bags

Halloween Leaf Bags are cheap to buy, but I decided I wanted to do something different. The best part about this project is that it uses materials that I already had on-hand: garbage bags, spray paint, duct tape, rubber bands and oodles and oodles of leaves.  The Black Cat Leaf … keep reading

Spooky Wreath

This is the coolest wreath I have ever made. It all started with a pin on Pinterest for a black silk flower wreath craft by Martha Stewart.

DIY Potpourri Gift Vase

These vases make great gifts and also make great Christmas decorations. I used to make them every holiday season for friends and family. The lights inside the vase warm up the potpourri and make it more fragrant in the air. Of course you should not leave these unattended and should … keep reading

Valentine Paper Heart Wreath/Garland

I had some help with this project from one of my favorite kids. Here is the link to the post that inspired this craft. It is nice to get the Christmas decorations down and have something to hang up instead. Plus, this is an easy and fun craft to do with … keep reading

Ribbon Heart

I love making these ribbon hearts. This is the original craft post for the heart. The materials needed are: 1 lined hair clip (small piece of shelf liner glued to the inside of the clip helps keep it in place for fine hair), 2 pieces of ribbon cut 2.5 inches … keep reading

Easter Basket

I went old school and made a string Easter basket. I remember doing this in elementary school. Of course, back then I didn’t get to use a hot glue gun to put embellishments on it.  Now all I need is some grass and candy to make it complete. Unfortunately I … keep reading


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